This involves creative language translation and adaptation of the original text into one or more target languages. In the case of software programs the relevant naming conventions need to be observed in the target language, as well as taking into account space limitations and ensuring the overall consistency of the target language terminology within the application. Web site localization may involve additional considerations, such as achieving the same impact in the target language, cultural appropriateness and so forth

We can prepare online help, hardware and software user manuals, system administrator guides.

The localization process includes the translation of text, adapting graphics, and changing the data and functionality of a software user interface. Apart from the language issue, localization has to address cultural and social conventions, legal standards, and local preferences etc.

Our localization team has combined the talents of language and computer specialists, who can adapt graphics and formats as well as producing accurate translation specially tuned for local audience.

Technical Writing

Our technical writing team can produce clear and concise documentation for your products or services. Our writers will work closely with your product development team to ensure the creation of clear and effective documentation. Our quality assurance program will ensure a project is completed in a well-planned and timely manner. Technical and non-technical manuals

· Website content; original material and/or edited, revised, and rewrites
· Funding and project proposals and grants
· Manufacturing material and documentation
· Computer software information
· Financial, legal and environmental information and documentation


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