The quality of a translation is obviously of utmost concern to customers. We have always set quality and customer satisfaction as our highest priority and take pride in the efforts we put forth.

We have implemented a total quality system for our services. First, we take plan to ensure that we select and retain qualified translators for our work. Our translators are grouped by their expertise and experience. Work is assigned on a merit based system.

Stringent quality assurance procedures are implemented to provide timely checks at critical juncture of our business. We also maintain a glossary and reference material database for use by our translators. In addition, we maintain strict confidentiality for all client documents.

We deal with almost every kind of orders, including:

· Annual Reports
· Advertising campaigns and marketing surveys
· Conferences and papers
· Contracts and agreements
· E-mail and business correspondence
· Financial and Accounting Documents
· Proposals
· Technical, military manuals and handbooks
· User manual, maintenance manual.


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