Translation is not simply a word-by-word or sentence-by-sentence conversion from one language to another. It is rather a culturally sensitive process of adapting communications for different audiences.  To communicate globally, you need to overcome and bring down both linguistic and cultural barriers existed between you and your target audiences and/or markets.

This is exactly where SLS Translation has its expertise to offer you valuable support and services.

We have acquired an enviable knowledge and experience in the fields including, automobile, military, legal, software localization, game

We take utmost care of your documents and our multilingual staff work courteously and efficiently to your deadlines.

We have the latest systems in place to control this process and use only qualified translators working in their mother tongue. Advanced communication technology allows the instant transfer of files anywhere in the world and we can work with all common file formats.

Our Philosophy

We take pride in offering quality language translation services at reasonable rates, utilizing qualified and experienced freelance professionals who are familiar with local customs and practices, in order to achieve accuracy in the target language.

Our Mission

SLS Translation is a Korean-based company, offering a wide range of translation and language consulting services to world wide companies.

By dealing with us, you will receive your material prepared in and for the target market, avoiding cultural misunderstanding and ensuring that the terminology is always accurate and current

Expand globally with SLS translation, we as your reliable partner can meet and satisfy your cross-language and cross-culture communication needs.


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